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FCS Folding Skylight Blinds
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FCS Folding Skylight Blinds
We have mature technology and solution for all kinds of building roof site , Motorized type and Manual type are provided
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FCS Skylight Folding Blinds,Motorized FCS Skylight Fabric Blinds,FCS
Model of FCS blinds
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FCS Folding Skylight Blinds
Motorized FCS Skylight Fabric Blinds


The FCS blinds could be installed inside or out side, also could be installed on the side of window vertically The driving mode of FCS motorized skylight blinds could be used on the sunshading roof in the irregular shape of triangle, round etc. Applying the FCS skylight system, we should consider the environment and the sunshine on site also the total const-effictiveness. The FCS system is separate and driven bu one motor and cyclical steel-wire drawing the fabric rod and the fabric run together with the rode to make the system open or close and realize the sunshine control. As the system close, the blackout fabric is in wave shape

Specification of FCS Folding Skylight Blinds 
System Various of tubular motor could be adopted
Dynamic steel wire transmission
Drive Mode The guidance track or steel wire is used
Guidance System Standard and sunscreen fabric
Open and close model Single open ( double open could be realized in certain condition.)
Control Method Wireless control, infrared control and manual switch etc.The group control and 
other intelligent control mode also could be realized.
Effect The fabric looks average wave as the roof blinds spread totally.
Application Large sunshade project, such as business center, Department store, gymnasium 
FCS Skylight Folding Blinds,Motorized FCS Skylight Fabric Blinds,FCS

Large sunshade project, such as business center, Department store, gymnasium etc
FCS Skylight Folding Blinds,Motorized FCS Skylight Fabric Blinds,FCSFCS Skylight Folding Blinds,Motorized FCS Skylight Fabric Blinds,FCS
How to install?

FCS blinds
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We also have manual type:
tio roof blinds
Patio roof blinds

Patio roof blinds

Patio roof blinds

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